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WEEE Recycling

WEEE Disposal

Its now required by law for organisations to Dispose of electrical items via a WEEE certified organisation, there have been a huge number of WEEE companies pop up as a result of this. Some offer free WEEE disposal but do not include data destruction so your data can end up anywhere. Some offer paid services that may or may not offer data destruction services. So how are we different?

PCGuys offer free WEEE recycling with FREE data destruction, this means your information is securely wiped using a DBAN drive scrambling system, keeping you assured that your data will not end up somewhere it should not. We offer a true recycling system where all parts that can be refurbished are and any remaining parts are recycled completely minimising waste and offering an even lower carbon footprint than standard recycling services.

PCGuys are environmentally conscious so this offer is not only available to Businesses but also individuals. We will collect your electronic Waste for free in any area we cover destroy the data on your device and recycle it, so no need to travel to a disposal centre or Dump. Just call us and we collect. We recycle more or less anything electronic from Computers, to phones to games consoles, we have a limited white goods service at current but hope to expand that over the coming years.

CALL ON : 07572 013 942

WEEE Reference number: EPR/YF0537JA/A001

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