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PCGuys offer such a wide range of services that some of them simply go in other, these include snipesearch, ckdsradio, snipesocial, MD Productions, auctionit, epic gigs, and budget-tech.


Snipesearch.co.uk - Snipesearch is our "more than just a search engine platform" including the following features:

  • Meta Search
  • Indi Search
  • Image Search
  • Dictionary Search
  • Video Search
  • Product Search
  • Secure Email Services
  • Music Search
  • Article Directory
  • Website Directory
  • Website Stats and Ranking tools
  • Meme maker
  • Flash games
  • News Search
  • Book Search
  • Encyclopedia
  • and Recipe Search


CKDSRadio.eu - Is our long standing radio platform, currently off the air while awaiting licence renewal.

CKDS Radio play the widest variety of music imaginable. Our in-between show broadcasts run 24 Hours with competitions to win shirts, CDs, DVDs and much more! All are hidden as Easter eggs in the in-between show broadcasts. You can find out more and keep up with our latest competitions on our Facebook Page or visit our competition tab. The Live shows often result in DJs having a little too much to drink and performing insane stunts to appease the listeners. New shows are being devised every day and with some real sci-fi television and movie stars looking to make some guess appearances it bound to be entertaining.


snipesocial.co.uk - Is our social network that includes.

  • Walls
  • Location Tagging
  • Friend Tagging
  • Photo Albumns
  • Video Uploads
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Games
  • Advertising
  • Instant Messaging
  • Marketplace
  • Friend lists and connections
  • All without charges or selling your data to advertisement companies.

MD Productions

MD Productions - Is our media production company that currently produces:

  • Adverts
  • Shorts
  • Feature Doumentaries
  • Review Videos
  • and more to come.


Auctionit.org.uk - Is our global marketplace for buyers and sellers alike.

Our global market place allows you to sell internationally and accept multiple payment methods including paypal, 2CO and Skrill. With no listing fees for listings under £20 and final value fees from 1% selling on our marketplace is one of the most cost effective methods to sell online. We also give all new sellers a free £1.00 listing credit that can be used to make auctions bold or featured, add subtitles or simply cover final value fees. With savings like that for sellers buyers will find goods at a lower cost completing marketplaces. Our site is scanned daily for security risks to ensure your data is always safe and secure. We also offer buyer and seller feedback, internal messages and great deals on postage labels from partners. So we are secure, low cost with some of the best marketplace policies on the net.

Epic Gigs

Epic Gigs - Is our micro job website it allows:

  • Users to post jobs they will do
  • Buyers to purchase the job
  • Place the money in a holding account until the job is complete then funds are released to sellers
  • Buyers can lead job feedback for sellers
  • Sellers are not charged to advertise the work but pay a 20% commission on completed sales