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PHP and MYSQL Hosting from the PCGuys

When starting your own website, be it a blog or ecommerce, there are some fundamental needs that you will most likely have and that free hosting will rarely cover. Almost all dynamic websites require PHP and MySQL hosting. If you are not familiar with PHP or MYSQL then we can offer a brief example of what these things are. PHP is a Server side language, what this means is the server generates the page from a CMS (Content Management System) and then sends a completed page to the end users PC. HTML pages (non dynamic) simply send the code to the computer and it interprets as it sees fit. As for MySQL it is simply an online database system (if you have used Microsoft access then you are familiar with databases, access is however an offline database system), that allows you to log into the website to update it using your CMS rather than having to build a whole page upload it and ad the links. Databases also allow you to have users so they can log on and interact on your site with their account.

PHP and MYSQL hosting from the pcguys.eu starts from only £1 per month with a free domain name. There are many very popular CMS systems out there including Joomla, PHPnuke, Wordpress, PHPBB (for forums) and they all require PHP and MySQL hosting.

If you need PHP and MySQL hosting then the PCGuys are able to offer everything you need. Not only does our hosting platform offer everything you need for almost any Dynamic website (excluding YouTube clones), we also offer support via live help, our online ticket system and telephone. The support we offer unlike most other hosting companies is not limited to support for your hosting itself, but we offer support for your website and Content Management Systems. Our staff are trained in all the leading CMS systems to offer you a fast resolution to any problem you may have with your site. We also offer low cost site and script installation to all our customers, as well as assistance debugging any third party script you may use.

Order your PHP and MySQL hosting from pcguys.eu today. Click here to see all our packages.

PCGuys UK web hosting

When you take out webhosting you often have no idea where your hosting company is, for many people out there help and support for their website is crucial. But when you take hosting out in another country you can find that your hosting company is based in china or America and working in a completely separate time zone to you. It can be very important to get your hosting from a company in the same time zone as you simply to get the fastest response to support requests possible as well as reducing latency (we will get to that in a minute).

PCGuys is a UK web hosting company with its main office in Borehamwood England and servers also based in the UK. This means that we are not only a great choice for hosting in the UK but also for hosting in Europe as we operate between 8am and 9PM. Between those hours people in England and Europe can use the support system and telephone for quick reply to their issues, making us available for support during the standard working hours for businesses all across Europe! This also means for personal customers in the UK we are available for up to 4 Hours outside of your normal working hours so you don’t have to worry about opening a support ticket and then waiting days for a reply.

Latency is another issue that is overcome by web hosting in the UK if your anywhere in Europe. When a webpage is requested it’s passed through name servers until it eventually reaches the server collects the page and returns it to the computer that requested it. This causes a delay called latency. If you and your users are in Europe and your server is in America, Canada or Asia, due to the vast distance data needs to travel the latency will be longer, however if you use a European hosting company then the latency will be lower allowing your web pages to be delivered faster.

PCGuys is a UK based web hosting company that offers high quality hosting, minimal server loads and low latency time for customers in The UK and Europe. Have a look at our great packages by clicking here.

Cheap Joomla Hosting from pcguys

Looking for hosting can be a long and tiring task. It can be even harder when you are looking for cheap hosting and there is no way to know if your host will fully support the script you plan to use. At PCGuys we had tried many different hosting companies before we eventually decided to just launch our own. If you need cheap Joomla Hosting you need to be sure of a number of things

• An affordable prices
• Good support options
• PHP 5 Support
• MySQL support
• POP3 Email (To allow you to have This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give a professional look when you email)
• Enough web space to store images
• A server that will deliver your pages quickly

PCGuys have encompassed this so that ALL of our shared hosting packages support joomla and almost all of the available components from only 1GBP per month! Obviously the bigger the package the more plugins you can have and the more users you can support. So if you’re planning to have tens of thousands of hits per day you will need a high end hosting package starting from just 5GBP a month. However, if you’re looking at only a few thousand hits a day our basic plans such as Rhenium or Palladium will be more than enough.

To help you get the most out of your cheap joomla hosting PCGuys will also assist you in optimising your site for faster load times and minimal bandwidth usage. The joomla technical support from PCGuys is second to none. Our team studies the joomla manual in detail and then have to install a joomla site, followed by debugging common errors, then installing common tools. So when you log onto live help you are not met with somebody who is unable to assist you because the answer was not on a script. Instead you will be greeted with an adaptive expert who has used the tools in such detail they can give you concise and accurate answers.

To view our hosting packages and to order click here.

Why unlimited Hosting is a Bad Idea.

Lots of people out there have started to offer so called unlimited hosting, Giving consumers the belief that for very little money you can have as much web space and as much bandwidth as you want with no restrictions and no ramifications. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that were true? Ask yourself have you ever seen a hard drive with unlimited space on, no there’s no such thing. Then ask yourself the following when your hard drive at home gets crammed to the brim do you find it slows down? Yes you probably do, this slow down is caused by an increase in seek time from data being strewn all the way across the drive.

When you purchase unlimited hosting thousands of people are crammed into a small space and the hosting company simply hopes that many of you do not need a great deal of it. But with so many of you on a single set of servers and a single set of drives and a single set of network ports, there all kinds of performance ramifications for your site! The following is a short list:

• No priority, if you have a high end site you do not get the dedicated resources you need to deliver your webpage fast, and may wait in a long cue for your page to be sent to the viewer this can add anywhere between 3 and 10 seconds to website load time and lose you viewers.
• The actual space available to you is completely unknown, the servers drive could be packed to the brim and you can have trouble with FTP, this is caused mostly by failure to expand servers fast enough.
• MySQL database overloads, a situation occurred with a hosing company we used 2 years ago where an entire MySQL server cluster packed up from heavy usage, thousands of websites were ruined.
• Low to Nonexistent server maintenance. In an attempt to get as many customers as possible some hosts are charging ridiculously low prices for unlimited hosting, causing serious issues with the available budget to maintain the servers to cope with so many websites.
• Over extended CPU runtime. Too many dynamic sites on 1 server can seriously occupy the processors causing page rendering time to be very slow.
• Bandwidth, most servers out there are running a set of 100Mbit/1GB network ports, once you have above a few thousand people trying to access websites on the server can cause the server to bottleneck and go offline, causing your website down time.
• Bad customer support. Another place these companies are saving on their hosting plans is by cutting back customer support, so you wait days at a time for a reply to a single ticket.

PCGuys do not feel any of these areas are acceptable ways of saving money to simply offer a cheap service and generate thousands of unhappy customers who simply don’t know what they should be doing with their website, we believe that it’s more important to offer hosting where each person has a suitable package so that the servers are balanced as well as making sure we can maintain the Highest possible speeds and the highest level of quality service. The truth is we could offer unlimited just like everyone else for a low price, and cut back our quality of service but we would rather have 100 completely satisfied customers than 10,000 who simply put up with the problems this is why PCGuys do not offer unlimited hosting packages.

If you are interested in PCGuys Shared Hosting click here for our packages.

Shared hosting from PCGuys

Shared hosting is a low cost solution for webhosting from PCGuys. Everybody out there would love their own dedicated super-fast server but we can’t all afford that and we don’t all need it. For any website with less than a million unique visitors per month shared hosting is normally just as good as a dedicated server, with the only real limitation being a lack of FFMPEG, a server plugin for converting videos when they are uploaded. Only a very small number of sites out there need this.

If you are setting up a blog, a shop, a game site, your own search engine, well almost anything actually, then shared hosting is all that you need. It allows you to spend between £1 - £30 per month rather than hundreds of pounds on a dedicated server. PCGuys shared hosting offers an incredible number of features with our script installers as well as all the things you would expect from a good shared hosting company, php 5, MySQL, CGI scripts, pop3 email and cron jobs.

An added bonus for anybody who takes out hosting with PCGuys is free support via email, live help and telephone. PCGuys Support Assistants are not given scripts to work through, instead they are intensely trained in all the hosting packages PCGuys offer, as well as complete training in ALL the major CMS systems and ecommerce systems. Our staff study every inch of the handbooks for the CMS systems on our sites and when their studying is complete they use a training environment where they install and configure the CMS. They try to overcome common problems in its function so they can offer you a speedy and expert solution to the problem. We believe PCGuys are unique in this intense level of training and support and you can get access to it from just £1 a month! Our shared hosting setups are set up within 72 hours of your order and for the most part are done in fewer than 2. Even PCGuys £1 a month plan comes with a free domain name. We can offer these low cost packages as we bill quarterly, semi-annually, annually and bi annually, reducing our transaction costs from PayPal and pass the savings on to you.

Here at PCGuys we feel we offer the most complete shared hosting packs on the internet, but if you think we can offer more simply send us a message via the live help system and we will see if we can incorporate it for you. All reasonable requests will be looked into seriously. We have built our hosting platform based on our own challenging experiences when trying to find hosting companies that offer all that we needed, when we could not find it we built it.

To view some of pcguys shared hosting plans, please click here.

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