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Hosting by the PCguys, the simple solution for your website needs. We offer simple one click installs for proven CMS (content management systems) such as Magento, Joomla and PhpBB. Our webhosting starts from £1 a month, with MySQL, PHP, pop email and a free domain name. PCGuys hosting includes telephone and online support for all customers! If your looking for Low cost hosting on reliable servers with great support look no further than the PCGuys


Call us on: 0203-538-1838


By Mobile: 07838-980-502

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1.00 GBP / Month

    Rhenium hosting package

Webspace1024 MB (about 1 GB)
Traffic / Month8192 MB (about 8 GB)
Email Accounts10
FTP Accounts10
Domains1 (co.uk)
Billing cycleEvery 2 Years
Setup Fee0.00 GBP
Monthly Fee1.00 GBP
Yearly Fee12.00 GBP


1.75 GBP / Month

      hosting package palladium

Webspace2048 MB (about 2 GB)
Traffic / Month16384 MB (about 16 GB)
Email Accounts40
FTP Accounts40
Domains1 (.org.uk, co.uk)
Billing cycleYearly
Setup Fee0.00 GBP
Monthly Fee1.75 GBP
Yearly Fee21.00 GBP

Osmium (Saver)

5.10 GBP / Month

   Osmium yearly saver hosting

Webspace20048 MB (about 19.58 GB)
Traffic / Month160384 MB (about 156.63 GB)
Email AccountsUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimited
Domains1 (co.uk,eu,com)
Billing cycleYearly
Setup Fee0.00 GBP
Monthly Fee5.10 GBP
Yearly Fee61.20 GBP


5.25 GBP / Month

    iridium hosting package

Webspace6144 MB (about 6 GB)
Traffic / Month49152 MB (about 48 GB)
Email Accounts0
FTP Accounts1
Domains1 (co.uk,org.uk)
Billing cycleBi-Annual
Setup Fee0.00 GBP
Monthly Fee5.25 GBP
Yearly Fee63.00 GBP


13.99 GBP / Month

    gold hosting package

Webspace60000 MB (about 58.59 GB)
Traffic / Month147456 MB (about 144 GB)
Email Accounts1
FTP Accounts1
Domains1 (de,com,net)
Billing cycleQuarterly
Setup Fee5.00 GBP
Monthly Fee13.99 GBP
Yearly Fee167.88 GBP
+ 5.00 GBP One time setup fee


24.99 GBP / Month

    Rhodium hosting package

free broadband with this package*

Webspace100000 MB (about 97.66 GB)
Traffic / MonthUnlimited MB (about GB)
Email AccountsUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimited
Domains0 ()
Billing cycleQuarterly
Setup Fee9.99 GBP
Monthly Fee24.99 GBP
Yearly Fee299.88 GBP
+ 9.99 GBP One time setup fee


33.99 GBP / Month

    platinum hosting package

Free 24MBps ADSL Broadband with this server*!


*Only available in the UK

*Requires BT Compatible landline.

*This is a free gift no discounts are given if you do not wish to take the broadband.

Webspace1000000 MB (about 976.56 GB)
Traffic / MonthUnlimited MB (about GB)
Email AccountsUnlimited
FTP AccountsUnlimited
Domains1 (com)
Setup Fee0.00 GBP
Monthly Fee33.99 GBP
Yearly Fee407.88 GBP

PCGuys Hosting the Rundown.


PCGuys offer some of the lowest cost hosting solutions on the net without compromising quality. If you’re looking to save money by getting budget hosting try our Rhenium Package it’s got a little less space than some of our competitors, but we chose to reduce storage than to compromise our quality of service so you will always get a great quality of service from the PCGuys even for a pound a month!


PCGuys offer great reliable Hosting even on the smallest budget. And we have a great range package, we always make sure our prices are sustainable so we never oversell our server space and can always manage to provide you with all the support you need. PCGuys also offer specially designed Business Packages that include domain name, web space and virtual Fax, Click on the business Hosting Link on the main menu or contact us for more information.

Free Domain Name.

All Our Hosting even our cheapest, Budget hosting includes a free domain name, so for a pound a month you get a gig of space and a domain name, that’s more than enough for any entry level site. But if that’s not enough space for you, then double up, the next package in our Budget Hosting packages is Palladium, Its double the bandwidth and double the space but not double the price at only £1.75 a month.

Shared Hosting, not over-shared.

We know lots of our competitors are offering “unlimited hosting” sadly there’s no such thing, they just cram thousands of people on one server then give you a telling off for using too much server run time, or even worse don’t monitor it at all making everyone on the server suffer with poor performance. PCGuys shared hosting doesn’t offer unlimited Hosting, we think our customers will be happier with better uptimes and faster server response time Than the Lie of infinite usage. Its quality over quantity, every time with the PCGuys.


All PCGuys hosting packages have support for PHP 5. So if you’re looking for PHP hosting (with the ability to control some of your PHP.INI OPTIONS) look no further you’re found it with the PCGuys.


Some companies strangely support PHP but not there databases, at PCGuys we find this very confusing and can assure you all our PHP Hosting comes with SQL support as well.

POP3 Email

Many low cost and free hosting companies have disabled pop email and the PHP sendmail function claiming its about spam, when simply there servers are just not up to the job due to overselling, so your business suffers simply because you can’t have the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All Mail functions are active on the PCGuys servers so you can enjoy your professional email address, included with your hosting.

Extra Information

Pay semi-annually, annually or bi-annually to take advantage of our super cheap rates. What we save in transaction fees is passed straight onto you.


Our packages are open to business and personal customers and benefit from our open policy for traffic exchange and mature content sites. If you can’t find a hosting package that meets your needs, contact us by email and we’ll happily give you a quote for a custom package. Order your site today and within 48 hours your domain and hosting will be online.


Our basic virtual server packages allow adult content and autosurf sites but for video sharing sites (requiring FFMPEG), eg clipshare script a dedicated server package is required. 

PCguys are here to Help with any of the following:

  • Cheap Hosting
  • SQL Hosting
  • PHP Hosting
  • Budget Hosting
  • Reliable Hosting
  • Free Domain Names
  • Telephone Support
  • Business Hosting
  • Hosting in Europe

PCGuys are your one stop shop for hosting, whether it’s cheap hosting, reliable hosting, PHP Hosting, MySQL Hosting, or simply great customer support with a free domain name all from £1 a month. PCGuys also offer support for the following CMS systems, Joomla, PHPBB, Wordpress, Drupal, TYPO3, ZEN CART, Magento, Meidawiki, Gallery and form2mail via our one click installer system. We offer support for all of these systems via our live help system and we offer support for all our hosting packages via Telephone!

PCGuys Offer support and installation of PHP scripts to all of our customers, so if you’re struggling to get your script working on our server we won’t abandon you, we can help you through it or do it for you. PCGuys offer great low cost and high quality web solutions and are here to cater for every one of your needs, feel free to contact us on live help or telephone support before purchasing to see if PCGuys can recommend a package to meet your needs our highly trained support team will be here to help you with and online services you may need.

Here at PCGuys our services don’t simply stop at hosting we also offer boosts in Alexa ranking, search engine submission, Targeted Traffic, untargeted traffic and Link Building as well as full on SEO services to help make your site a success in your effort to get traffic and make money from your site.

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