PCGuys have a wide range of advertising tools that were in the most part created to fill pcguys own advertising needs and became very popular with users.

Snipesearch Adclicks

Snipesearch adclicks - Offering contextual advertisements from 0.02c a piece for advertisers and offering a revenue source for publishers.


  • Start today with as little as $5.00.
  • Automatic Keyword bidding.
  • Geo-Target your advertisement.
  • Only pay for clicks not displays.
  • CPC from as low as $0.02.
  • Order Securely with paypal.
  • Personalise your advert with images or a logo.
  • All adverts are protected with click Fraud protection.


  • Cash out at $5.00.
  • 20% commission on all sponsored clicks.
  • Real-time statistics.
  • Geo-targeted ads for your site. (Meaning more clicks).
  • Keyword Targeted ads for your website.
  • XML feed for your site
  • Customisible ad system
  • Cashouts every 7 Days!

Banner exchange Me - A free banner exchange system to display banners on your site.

Our site is a free banner network, designed to help you bring visitors to your site. We all know there are multitudes of ways to increase your search engine rank, by using directories and traffic exchanges, but a banner exchange gives you a more direct attack. Allowing you to deliver your message to websites all over the internet without manual link exchanges or trying to get to the top of search engines means users may see your ad in the corner of their eyes and think thats just what i need. Its a better conversion and if you dont mind showing banners on your site you can do it for Nothing!

The is a 2: 1 banner exchange, earning you 0.5 credits for every banner displayed on your site through our easy to add HTML code.

Your accumulated credits are then "spent" by displaying your banner on other sites - for every whole credit you earn, your banner is displayed on another members site earning you traffic for FREE!

Autosurf-UK - A free traffic and social exchange site with additional SEO tools.

This site is a tool that will help you grow your Twitter, Soundcloud, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Digg, Pinterest, Reverbnation, Dribbble, Vimeo, Friendfeed, Gamespot, Qik, Myspace, Flattr and Websites for FREE. We allow you to pick and choose who you want to follow, like, friend or view, allowing you to skip those who you're not interested.

All exchange features are fully functional! Enjoy your YouTube, views, website views and more!

XXX Traffic Exchange - A free traffic and social exchange site with additional SEO tools for adult sites only.

Our Adult friendly traffic exchange sets itself apart from other traffic exchange sites on the net by allowing explicit content to be shared. Share you adult twitter, VK, Facebook and websites with confidence. Please be sure to read our FAQs for rules as to what content is allowed on the site and use responsibly... Enjoy! Please note you do not have to have an adult site to use the network but please understand that you will see them if you exchange on the site.

The XXX traffic exchange was built to move Adult Traffic Exchange Users off of our regular autosurf site allowing us to keep it friendly