About us

PCGuys was formed almost a decade ago, as the official branding of a series of projects that were being run by a small group of friends, originally doing media and webdesign and expanding into businesses services and retail.

Over the years PCGuys have been the driving force behind hundreds of websites, server technology and serving thousands of individual customers from both retail and service factors.

The PCGuys advertising networks and traffic exchanges have delivered hundreds of millions of ads and the hosting platforms have delivered billions of pages.

No member of the pcguys staff has ever seen a troubleshooting script, our staff are trained in multiple officially regulated IT Courses and are trained in house by Stephen Driver so they can learn exactly how systems work, building and rebuilding hardware so if a customer has a question the staff know the answer from experience. We go out of our way to not only purchase damaged items online to show staff how to fix it but use our WEEE program to show the staff how to repair as many issues as possible, when we collect a device that does not power a member of staff will then be trained on how to identify that fault and how to fix it, so when another customer calls with that fault the staff can simply identify it and repair it for them.

PCGuys do not only limit the training they offer to the staff employed, over the last few years we have had individuals from both MIND and The Shaw Trust looking to prepare to return to work, welcomed them into our family and trained them in technical and customer service skills so they could go forward and return to work, some deciding to stay with us for extended periods while others move on to other firms

The company was founded on the premises of the things we needed, Decent hosting? We started our own hosting division, fordable advertising, we launched an add network, the company simply expanded from there, every time a partner needed something but was not finding the service they needed run the way we believed it should be, with good customer service values, fair and affordable pricing and acceptable terms of service we simply built it the way we as consumers would have liked to be treated, with the core belief that while there is profit in the was others do it there is an HONEST profit in the way we have chosen to. Years later the same belief runs through the company and our prices have rarely ever changed in a decade, some of our own clients have suggested we do not charge enough, and while that's true our prices will never be as high as others as we believe our core values are still correct to this day.