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Now Download Wordpress Themes And Magento Templates Posted By : Peter Avery

Getting new ideas for WordPress-powered website is the right choice to explore your business while you are tired of treading through your beaten path. So what’s new that can be added to the website? Give your word-press website a unique look with tryst of creativity from our WordPress themes. The distinct style and design of our WordPress themes a


What makes a good OS Posted By : christa joe

An operating system is nothing but a software which manages hardware resources and provides a common interface between other software applications. For an application to run on a computing device, an OS has to be preinstalled on it in order to act as a bridge between the hardware and software.

Although the first operating system known as the


Introduction to Android Posted By : christa joe

To address the issue of expensive smart-phones, Andy Rubin took the initiative to provide cheaper smart phones with the choice of a brand by introducing a new operating system know as "Android". Based on open source Linux Operating System, Android Application Development evolved in innovative aspects with Android’s Open Source Project, where any t


Shunning SpamBots from Your Magento Site Posted By : Jack Davison

If your Magento store is appearing sluggish, the probable culprit is a SpamBot. These bad bots, flooding the Internet, choke your bandwidth and generate a huge number of requests to your server causing it to slow down. Having a perfect robots.txt file is hardly the solution for this. It requires more stringent measures.

What are Bad Bots


Games as Models Abstracting Concepts and Reality Posted By : Jack Davison

This article examines the way in which reality is abstracted in the preparation and design of a game. The complications in running a major city, creating an amusement park or gearing up for a military assault are the backdrops for a variety of engaging and fun games.

Games use broad generalizations to represent reality and thereby reduce the